It's you - CHESSKID - against the aliens. The future of Planet Earth is at stake.

It's your lucky day - you get to start. You'd better play the move you know best.

Black replies with 1...e7-e5. I've heard aliens aren't very good at gambits. Why not try the KING'S GAMBIT?

I was right - they played 2...f7-f6 - not a good move. You've got something good coming up but first you should make an exchange. If you're playing a pawn capture just enter the square on which you're making the capture.

Black takes back - 3...fxe5. Use a CCTV (CHECKS, CAPTURES, THREATS, VIOLENCE) to look for your next move!

The Black King moves out of check - Ke8-e7. Use a CCTV again and you'll get the next move right.

The Black King moves again - Ke7-f7. The alien King's a sitting target there - order another soldier to attack him.

The Caissan monarch has to go to g6. He looks really stupid there, doesn't he. Look at the battlefield using a CCTV and send him somewhere even worse.

Now you have an easy target on h6. There are lots of ways to win now, but how about a DISCOVERED CHECK? Move your piece TWO squares forward.

You see that little guy who's just moved to g5? He's PINNED to the ground so he can't move. So what do you do? Order another soldier to attack him, of course. What's the best way to do that?

You've got the aliens in a state of complete panic. Look, their King's just moved back to g7. Use a CCTV again and see if you can work out how to finish him off.

The aliens have resigned the battle!

Their King has to return to h6, when you will CHECKMATE him by playing hxg5.

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