Concentration and short-term memory are vital for any general who wants to win battles.

I am going to show you a film of a very short, but very violent battle.

Your job is to remember EVERY MOVE of the battle, in the right order.

You'll have five seconds to remember each move.

Click here to watch the film.

I want you to tell me White's first move.

Now to tell me Black's first move.

What was White's second move?

And what was Black's second move?

Now I need to know White's third move.

Now you must give me Black's third move.

It's time for White's fourth move.

And that is followed by Black's fourth move.

White's fifth move - a very bad one - was?.

Now Black won the battle by playing...

Congratulations! You have now finished the test!

Click below to find out how you got on.