At the start of the game you're setting up a battle formation for the struggle ahead.
In these lessons you'll learn the best ways for you to play your first moves.

Lesson/Quiz: Further Opening Principles

Lesson/Quiz: Your First Openings

Lesson/Quiz: The Giuoco Pianissimo

Lesson/Quiz: The Italian Game

Lesson/Quiz: The Two Knights Defence

Chess Book: Other Open Games

Lesson/Quiz: The Ruy Lopez

Chess Book: Ruy Lopez

Lesson/Quiz: The Petroff Defence

Class 8 Lesson/Quiz 1: Gambits

Lesson/Quiz: French & Sicilian Defences

Chess Book: French Defence

Chess Book: Sicilian Defence

Lesson/Quiz: Queen's Gambit

Chess Book: Queen's Gambit

Lesson/Quiz: Other Openings

Chess Book: Semi-Open Games

Chess Book: Nimzo-Indian Defence

Chess Book: King's Indian Defence

Chess Book: Other Queen's Pawn Openings

Chess Book: English Opening

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