Welcome back. Perhaps you'd like to tell me what you'd like me to call you this lesson.

Do you know all about the BISHOP, kiddo?

Yes, I scored 100% in the BISHOP quiz

I'm still not sure how the BISHOP moves

Well done! As a reward you can have an ice cream.

But you have a choice. Which flavour would you like?



Congratulations. You made the right decision!

We all have to make decisions every day of our lives.

Some decisions, like which flavour ice cream you prefer, don't really matter.

But other decisions can change your life.

If you're a general leading your army into battle, the decisions you make will be important.

If you make the right decisions your army will win the battle.

If you make the wrong decisions your army will lose the battle.

Look at this position.

You're WHITE in a CAPTURE THE FLAG battle.

You have to make a DECISION: where to move your BISHOP.

The only way to decide is to LOOK AHEAD and work out what's going to happen next.

Black is going to move his PAWN to e2 and then, given the chance, to e1.

So, what decision would you make? Where would you move your BISHOP?

One way to look at is is that moving the PAWN to e2 is a THREAT.

You have to play a BISHOP move which will let you take the pawn next move.

Do you see the right answer? Yes, you have to move to d3. Then you'll be able to CAPTURE the BLACK PAWN next move and win the battle.

But if you decide to move the BISHOP anywhere else Black will move to e2, and then to e1, and you will lose the battle.

There are two parts to making a decision.

The first part is to decide what your choices are.

The second part is to look ahead and think what will happen next in each case.

It's not as easy as it sounds!

That's the end of the lesson, kiddo.

Let's see how good YOU are at making decisions.

If you do a REALLY HARD EXAM you'll find out.

I've made my decision. I'll do it now!

Can I repeat the lesson first?

I'll do it later - I have to go now

I really can't make up my mind.