Welcome back. Perhaps you'd like to tell me what you'd like me to call you this lesson.

Have you played and understood all the BISHOP games, kiddo?

Yes, I understand all the BISHOP games

I don't understand all the BISHOP COMBAT games

I keep on losing the CAPTURE THE FLAG bishop games

I'm no good at the TARGET PRACTICE quizzes
In that case you're ready to learn about a different piece in your army.

In this lesson we're going to look at the QUEEN.

In our battle against the aliens the QUEEN rides a Go-Kart into battle.

She is the most powerful piece in our army.

This is what a QUEEN does.

It can do everything a ROOK can do - backwards, forwards and sideways.

It can also do everything a BISHOP can do - diagonally in four directions.

In the middle of the board a ROOK can move to 14 squares and a BISHOP can move to 13 squares.

So if you add 14 and 13 you get the number of squares a QUEEN in the middle of an empty board can move to: 27!

Like the ROOK and BISHOP but unlike the PAWN, the QUEEN captures in the same way as it moves.

In this position the QUEEN can CAPTURE the Black pawns on b7, d3 and h4.

The QUEEN cannot jump over other pieces. In this position the White pawn on b4 stops the QUEEN moving to a4 and the White pawn on e3 stops the QUEEN moving to e2 or e1.

Note also that if the QUEEN moved to c6 it would be CAPTURED by the Black pawn on b7, so this move would not be safe.

Easy, isn't it? Let's see how much you can remember.

You can see how powerful the QUEEN is. Because it's so powerful it's hard to handle.

There will be many times when you can use your QUEEN to play very strong moves.

But you also have to be VERY CAREFUL when you use it.

That's the end of the lesson, kiddo.

You have to be really smart to make full use of your queen.

A REALLY HARD EXAM will find out just how smart you are.

Wicked! I'm the smartest kid in the world!

Can I repeat the lesson first?

I'll do it later - I have to go now

I don't think so. Queens are too hard for me.