You are about to do a REALLY HARD EXAM to see how much you know about the BATTLEFIELD.

Before we go any further, tell me what you'd like me to call you. Type in your name and click the ENTER button.

Hello kiddo.

You have to get every question right to pass the Very Hard Exam.

If you get a question wrong you get sent to the Naughty Corner!

So you need to be very careful and think very hard.

Good idea. I'll make sure I get every question right.

I like the Naughty Corner. I'll try to get them all wrong.
That's really mean. I'm quitting.
Only your first answer counts.

If you get a question wrong first time you can try again but you won't score a point.

If you really want to be sent to the Naughty Corner give the right answer, then the wrong answer!

Question number one. How many small squares are there on the battlefield?

60 64 80
When you set up the battlefield, which colour square should be on your right?

White Black Orange & purple spots
Anyone who puts a black square in their right hand corner should be...

Praised Rewarded Shot

The lines running from left to right on the battlefield are called...

Banks Ranks Tanks

The lines running from top to bottom on the battlefield are called...

Smiles Stiles Files

And the next question...

Sorry, that's my mobile ringing.

Oh no! The battlefield's been invaded by aliens!

We're going to need someone to kill them.

It's just about time for my coffee break. Is it OK if I leave you in charge of my super alien-blasting ray gun?

No - my mum won't let me play with guns
No - my teacher says you should be nice to aliens
I don't understand the names of the squares
You bet! I love killing aliens! Bring 'em on!!
If you look below you'll see a keypad which you can use to launch my super alien-blasting ray gun. Using the keypad, select the alien's square (remember letter first, then number) and press the ENTER button to fire the gun. If you make a mistake you can press the CLEAR button and start again.

Be careful not to touch anything until you see an alien - which will be on the next screen.

Hello again, Kiddo.

I've been watching your progress in this assignment and can now give you your report.

The next thing you have to do is...

Sorry, my mobile's just gone off again.

"They've done WHAT?!?!?! Oh no!!! I'll have to find someone to do something about it!!"

Bad news. You were too slow killing the aliens. They've left bombs all over the battlefield. I'm too scared to go and clear them up. I think you'll have to do it for me.

No problem - I understand the names of the squares
I'd like to repeat the quiz first and get my certificate
I'll do it later if you don't mind - I have to go now
No way!! It sounds much too dangerous for me.