It's best not to attempt these lessons until you've mastered all the elementary lessons and are able to play a game without giving away pieces.

If you can beat both Kaspy and Fishy on level terms then you're ready to move on to tackle the more challenging material on this page. If not, then it's best not to go too far and rush into these lessons too quickly.

Before you take any of the other lessons here you'll need to learn...
More About Chess Notation
Learn more about chess notation in this lesson. Soon you'll be able to read chess books and write down the moves of your games as well as being able to answer the harder quiz questions.

You might also want to:
Play a Game
Here you can play a game against one of our programs (some are strong, others not so strong so you'll find one to suit you) or find out how to play online.

When you've finished all the lessons, or perhaps before, you should read this:
What next?
There's a lot more to chess than just doing the lessons and games on this site. If you want to take the game further click here.

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